"One can never consent to creep when one feels the impulse to soar." -- Helen Keller

Kia ora and welcome to my work as a celebrant. As a marriage celebrant since 1998 and civil union celebrant from 2005, I call my ceremonial work the ‘poetic’ aspect of my working life. I bring a level of care and connection that comes with experience and commitment to being of service and creating the … good, just right, fun, meaningful… whatever is being sought for – ceremony.

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Inspirita Dance

Inspirita Dance is a grounded joyful moving body/mind/spirit practice. “Dancing soles to soul.”

Dance works from who we are, from the inside out, literally moving through our breath and feet, reconnecting with the music and movement within us.  A powerful vehicle of joy and integration.

I am 56 years young and have danced for 50 years! The sessions are based on my broad background in dance and my work as an ontological coach. Each session is one hour of free movement to a range of music, always completing with relaxation.

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I am a 56 years young woman.  Inspirita Limited is the integration of my self as a dancer, a celebrant, a coach and a teacher.

Inspirit means to “enliven or infuse with life and spirit”.

As an Inspirita I am someone who works infused with life spirit and is considered enlivening.  I am known as a leader and as a light worker, plus I wanted to be a ‘good fairy’ when I was 7!

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