“All pegged out” A pre-autumn contemplation by Kerry-Ann Stanton

I am currently ruminating on ‘pegs’; good old ordinary pegs that you hang clothes out on the line with or on the rack inside or use (as a friend of mine has done twice recently) to embellish temporary installation mandala. The last use generated the comment, “gosh you’ve got a thing about pegs haven’t you?” This in turn occasioned a flurry of conversation about how each of us used pegs, felt about pegs, left pegs on the line or didn’t, liked particular types of pegs and WOULDN’T CONSIDER anything else.
A fly on the wall would have spun off laughing at the four of us.

It got me thinking about how something as simple as a conversation about pegs highlighted our similarities and differences, our various ‘particularities’ and preferences; providing an alternative lens of understanding ( and possible judgement and censure!).

I am not the only one to contemplate such simple matters. This Timaru Herald article is worth a read going into far more detail than I plan to here: http://www.stuff.co.nz/timaru-herald/features/374541/Washing-day-blues-and-reds

Some engage with pegs with great vigour, e.g. a Facebook page called ‘hanging out the washing with colour coded pegs’ had 81 likes when I looked.

A NZ Maths website (http://nzmaths.co.nz/resource/mrs-parores-laundry) poses these delicious questions with the heading Mrs Parore’s Laundry
1. Mrs Parore is hanging out her towels to dry. She puts two pegs on each towel. If she has 4 towels, how many pegs will she need?
2. Mrs Parore sees that her peg box is running low. So she puts one peg on the corner of two towels. This way she only needs 3 pegs for 2 towels. How many pegs will she need for 4 towels now?

Now Mrs Parore has obviously not been watching videos like http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-hang-your-washing-out-to-dry. If she had she would know that you never peg two articles together!

And my favourite: “The thing that makes the most difference when hanging washing is to shake and snap. I mean by that to shake the item and give it a sharp hard whip snap before you peg it up”. And do I do this – oh yes I do with great satisfaction and no ironing!!! http://down—to—earth.blogspot.co.nz/2010/11/line-drying-your-washing.html

A contemplation of all things ‘pegs’ feels somewhat whimsical and indulgent. Yet it is an ordinary task that I take great pleasure from. With the weather so warm, light and breezy I have been washing all the ‘patchwork’ quilts. So lovely to see them flapping on the line, out of the sun, carefully hung singly, with UV resistant, broad clipped pegs. And the deep satisfaction of their fresh smell and softly crisp feel as I fold them ready for the beds.
This rumination is to be continued as I am ‘pegging on’ with multiple other projects, while the late summer energy is still holding.

Pegging on is a trait of mine, not wanting to be beaten by time or task, and there are other avenues to be explored; round pegs in square holes or is it square pegs in round holes, knock them down a peg or two and so it goes.

I will finish for now with Henry Ward Beecher, “All words are pegs to hang ideas on”.

And by the way what is your relationship with pegs?!

To be continued …