Autumn dancing through us – Kerry-Ann Stanton

Last week in Inspirita_Dance I put together an autumnal playlist.  My intention was to have the music reflect the changeable nature of autumn – one minute warm and still, the next gusty wind and/or rain.

The invitation was to be playful with uncertainty and the variety of rhythms as we danced.  What fun we had and what deep reflection at the end – one dancer reporting feeling like a whirlpool of all different parts that gathered itself together and formed an internal and integrated core as the dance completed.  Some else felt like a stringed instrument that was variously tightened and loosened as was required as she moved.  Another found himself moving differently almost like ‘magic’.

None of the dancers set out to feel this way.  They simply allowed themselves to breathe and move with the music and let their dance unfold.  It is never more complicated than that.

Some of our playlist included:

  • Marangai/Stormy Weather – Whirimako Black on her “Soul Sessions”
  • Nouvelle suite pour bouzouq – Thierry ‘Titi’ Robin on his “Ces Vagues Que l’amour Souleve”
  • Colours – The Mamaku Project on their “Karekare”

You can listen to tasters of these on iTunes.