Body as Pathway: Kerry-Ann Stanton

Reflections on a day … back in February!

At 0620 this morning, outside the room I am meditating in, there is a click, click, followed by a building crescendo. Yes, the cicadas of summer are in full tune, most of the day and well into the night; a noisy and audible reminder of the cycles of nature. I feel attuned to the rhythm of the day and the seasons.

At 0753 the tide is full down at my local bay. Do I keep to my pattern of work, write, and get it all done? Or do I interrupt myself, join my daughter who is visiting and walk to the beach in the early morning sunlight? Yes, I choose the walk and swim. I love the moment of entering the water, sun on the surface, light beneath, the feeling of connection with self, sea, sky and spirit. I feel refreshed and restored.

At 0945, well breakfasted, I call into the local Post Shop with my array of photocopying and laminating. The queue comes and goes at the counters as I am helped to do the black and white, the coloured and the laminating ready for teaching for the Celebrant School this weekend. I am focused on the task, aware of the queue eyeing me up, the clock ticking on and my need to be done and out of there.

By 1105 I am on Te Atatu Peninsula visiting the Pukeko Labyrinth for another working session in preparation for the opening in March. What am I aware of? I am aware of the heat of the day, and an impatience in me that settles as we work on the ‘eye marker’. My friend and I work companionably and complete our tasks ready for an aerial photograph of the labyrinth the next day. Once again I am reminded of the need to just stay present to the current moment and commitment. And yes, there are Pukeko winding their way round and through the labyrinth!

During the afternoon I complete the playlist of Inspirita_Dance for the next morning. This too entails body listening and moving with the music, sensing the ‘rightness’ of each piece for this particular dance and the movement experience I am seeking to create.
A massage follows, at home, with a young friend of mine just starting out. Her hands are good, the music relaxing and I can just sink into the table and let go.

What a day you might say and I have to agree. I notice that with each of these experiences my body is the pathway to the actions of the day and to my connection with the spiritual wholeness of the day. I am blessed with simplicity of spirituality in my life – time with my daughter, the plunge into the sea, the greeting of the cicada sounds of summer, the time allowance working for the photocopying, the settling of patience as I walk the dusty kikuyu pathway of the labyrinth and the satisfaction of a day well lived.

The creation of this labyrinth parallels, for me, the experience that is offered by walking a labyrinth; balance or centering, healing, connection to our higher self, opening awareness, experiencing energy, relaxation, meditation, and the possibility of answers to questions we may hold.