Creative wildness – a project and a way of life … Kerry-Ann Stanton

In my Open Floor dance training I am being encouraged and challenged to ‘embrace wildness’ in my dance practice. I have been questioning how I might do this when feeling so exhausted? How do wild when all I can conceive of is crawling under a duvet, snuggling in with lots of soft pillows and dancing on the inside.

Actually this would be a pretty ‘wild’ response from me given I will usually just keep going! I shared this with a friend who was amused and provoked to think about this for herself. We have decided to embark on a creative wildness project with a monthly check in and reflection of how we are getting on. This reflection could be a photo or writing on the exploration of creative wildness or??? The project is open to our interpretation and creative wildness enacting.

Last weekend I was at Mana dancing with Geordie Jahner and 50 other dancers. Geordie was leading us in a movement based exploration of “Vector of the Soul”; a great opportunity for me to test out creative wildness through tiredness/exhaustion.

And I didn’t need the duvet as it turned out. Waking when I was ready, pacing myself with my dancing and letting myself soulfully breath and move worked a treat.

Creative wildness for me while I was away included: walking in the wet grass listening to the wind through the pine trees and then stopping to listen to the bells that ring at 0900 for eight minutes. Just stopping and letting the bells ring through me; so simple. I repeated the bell listening for the next two mornings. Saturday saw me part the way through the labyrinth; stop, experience and move on when ready. Sunday I was in a wet and drippy part of the bush; stop feel the bells, listen to the birds and continue up the hill in the silence that follows the bells.

On the last day we were asked to dance the ‘who we are right now’. I felt SO SPACIOUS WITHIN, so relaxed. I moved with ease, width, depth, breathe and voice and, dare I say it, genuine Kerry-Ann stylish wildness.

The soulful gentle wildness within me had worked its magic and I declared myself ready to water a life that keeps me spacious, clear and loving.

And my friend? Well she left work early the other day simply because she could! What can I say really?! Except to say this was pretty wild for her and like me her energy was freed up for a gentle wildness experience.

“When we relate to our bodies as having soul, we attend to their beauty, their poetry, and their expressiveness.” ~ Thomas Moore

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