Dance and ‘loose wires’

Recently, about twenty minutes into our one hour Inspirita_Dance session, after a wobbly song, the PA went dead. No sound at all. It is a credit to the regular Inspirita_Dancers that they all kept dancing while a very temporary fix was put in place.

Post-session investigation revealed a loose wire connection to the battery within the PA. Relief at a minor repair and amusement at the symbolism! Inspirita_Dance is intended to be fun and engaging AND done regularly over time becomes a sustaining practice. After the music died we continued to dance with the rhythms within each of us.

Life presents us with many ‘loose wire’ moments. For me dance is an essential life practice. The very instant I begin to dance, even in my head, my mood shifts, my breathing changes and my spirits lift; with or without music.

Relief, pleasure, grounding of ‘loose wires’ and connection to self and spirit; here’s to dancing!