Dancing Soles to Soul – Kerry-Ann Stanton

My recent articles have been about ‘backing myself’.   Since May ‘backing myself’ has taken me to America to dance, to Melbourne to dance and I’m still dancing on my return – even more so!  I thought I would share, as simply as I can, my journey over the last six months.

Dancing in America, 140 of us closely packed, live drumming throbbing through us, I experienced the miracle of connection with the divine, my divine – through dance.

It was that simple: breathe in, breathe out, move through my soles with my soul.  Tears flowing, I also realised that whatever was to come next in my working life, only I could make that call and respond to a deep-felt need to move on.

However: I came back to work and carried on!  Needs must and all that!

Three weeks later the lure to do more in-depth dance closer to home took me to Melbourne.

This time, my experience deepened my understanding of why I’ve been reluctant to connect with the masculine and feminine divine.  Again, I was able to dance through to a new place of revelation where I felt held and connected – and where I was absolutely challenged and invited to do what I know I need to do.  As I move into my 50’s my need is to live fully who I am AND to offer back, to be of service, in my community.

And so, without a definite plan in place, I returned to work and resigned – effective mid December.  It is a good decision.  How do I know this?  It continues to ‘feel right’: there is a sense of peace and of bubbling excitement and my body has responded with wellness.

What is in place is my new business, Inspirita.  Inspirit means ‘to enliven or infuse with life and spirit’.

From Inspirita I have been leading Inspirita_Dance ‘proof of concept’ sessions.  My experience as I lead the sessions and dance is a sense of being re-gathered, of peace and of renewed energy.  My fellow dancers report exploring through their dance disconnection/connection, tiredness/restoration, observing what parts of their bodies are willing participants and what parts are more reluctant through disuse!

I continue my work as a celebrant through Inspirita_Ceremony and as a coach through Inspirita_Coaching.  Each aspect of Inspirita is a vehicle to create and hold space for people in very particular ways.

I was going to say that I feel guided and supported – and I do – but it would be more accurate to say that I am required to make this move.

I am required to own up and put dance at the forefront of my life rather than to one side.  I have danced for nearly 50 years and it is such a powerful vehicle of joy and integration.  It works from who we are, from the inside out, literally moving our feet, breathing and reconnecting with the music and movement within us.  With no pressure as to what the outward expression of this looks like!

2010 has been a year of backing myself and dancing myself.  With Inspirita created and underway I wonder what my theme for 2011 will be?

Tuesday evenings:       7.30pm – 9.00 pm, St Columba Church Hall, Grey Lynn
Wednesday mornings: 6.30am – 8.00am,  Titirangi Community House, Titirangi
The final sessions for this year are 14 and 15 December.

Kerry-Ann Stanton works as a celebrant, a coach and leads Inspirita_Dance, “dancing soles to soul”.
She can be contacted on 09 816 8800 or 027 474 5003