Dancing through a ‘safe’ earthquake: Kerry-Ann Stanton

Today I joined the 5Rhythms tribe downtown for a Sunday session with Geordie.  And what a session it turned out to be!  ‘Earthquake’ above – invitation to dance deep down into my roots on the floor below.

The ‘earthquake’ was Black Grace doing final rehearsals for their UrbanYouthMovement Tour.  They thumped, tapped, clapped through their dances while below we and our floor reverberated with their passion.

I was tempted to just leave – all too much really on a Sunday morning.  Not one of us did and such benefit from staying.

All hail to Geordie for her music choices and the synchronicity of exploring dancing into and from our root chakra and deepening our dance through each of the rhythms.  All hail to my fellow dancers and to me as we sharpened our focus and stayed with our dance.

As a moving meditation 5Rhythms is always an invitation to dance with what is present.  I found that just by staying present to ‘our’ music and ‘my’ dance I could settle into moving without disturbance from above.  I loved being encouraged to dance breathing through my root chakra and keeping my legs wide and deep and rooted and letting the rest of my movements come from there.

I am in gratitude that this was a ‘safe’ earthquake that I could choose to stay and dance my way through.

And was I thoroughly ‘rooted’ when I left two hours later – oh yes most definitely in every sense of the word!

Blessed be.

PS.  I had already booked tickets for Black Grace to take a young South African friend to sample ‘kiwi dance’.  They sounded pretty good through the ceiling and I look forward to viewing the fruits of their rehearsal.