Dancing through transitions: Kerry-Ann Stanton, Inspirita_Dance

Over the years of writing I have talked about being in transition, just coming through a transition or sensing that change is just around the corner.  As summer approaches again, so too, change and transition are present in my life and most importantly DANCE is in my life like never before.
I have finished my Post Graduate Diploma in Dance Studies and feel thoroughly stimulated and challenged. As part of the Diploma this year I had to participate in a Choreographic Research class. Who would have thought that I would enjoy physically researching dance by moving and exploring; that I would perform as part of my class presentation? That I would be moved by the creativity of the research process and realise that I had come home to myself? This in turn has encouraged me to say YES to a range of dance projects.
The one I would like to share with you is The Path of the Pukeko, a wonderful labyrinth to be created next year that will encourage people to walk and dance in the landscape.  Kathrine Fraser, celebrant colleague, friend and land artist, and I, as ‘sacred space artist’, dancer and celebrant, are collaborating in making an organic public labyrinth as part of the Harbourview Sculpture Trail. It will be launched in Te Atatu, Auckland, March 2014.  People are invited to deepen the experience by participating in one of a series of scheduled contemporary ceremonies or community dances. Kathrine is designing the labyrinth to be cut into a neglected paddock of kikuyu grass, transforming a forgotten corner of wasteland into a public contemplative space. The Path of the Pukeko (PotP) will use only natural materials so the intention is that it will remain in place after March, providing the proverbial blank canvas for use by anyone who wishes to. If people understand it, embrace its potential, and walk the path, the track through the kikuyu will remain clearly defined; if it doesn’t meet a community need, the grass will regenerate to reclaim the space.  Either way, time sequenced photographs and feedback through social media will capture its story over the following year.
Each labyrinth tends to have its own unique resonance – ours reflects the natural environment, local fauna and flora, and the tranquil magnificence of this harbour side site, with appeal to our secular, multi-cultural society. People are invited to silently follow the path, focussing on their own personal thoughts/questions as they walk. They may stop and mark a spot on their journey by knotting some grass or making some other enhancement.
My role in this project includes; co-collaborator, celebrant and choreographer for the special community events. At this stage these include an opening of the labyrinth (08 March), a twilight communal dance through the labyrinth (16 March), and a celebration of the wisdom years (23 March to coincide with the Autumn Equinox).
Visit Path of the Pukeko on Facebook or www.pathofthepukeko.org.nz. If you would like to be more directly involved with cutting the labyrinth in January/February or in any of the events during March let me know: 8168800, 0274745003 or kerryann@inspirita.co.nz

Kathrine and I appreciate the support of the Auckland Council’s Creative Communities Scheme.

So how lucky am I with this project? Lucky and grateful for the opportunity to work together with Kathrine; two creative and exploratory life celebrants and artists willing to probe the boundaries and allow a conversation to evolve around possibilities. For me this is yet another opportunity to bring dance into my life and into the lives of my community.
Inspirita_Dance continues at the Titirangi Community House on a Thursday morning 0700 – 0800. Last session for 2013 is 19 December.

In 2014 Inspirita_Dance is moving to Soul Centre; http://flavors.me/soulcentre
I wish you all a wonderful and abundant summer season and of course much dancing to celebrate.
Arohanui Kerry-Ann