Lammas and dance

Recently at Blockhouse Bay Boating Club with Christina Demmler and her 5Rhythms group of dancers we ‘danced in’ the Year of the Rabbit aided by a cacao elixir and chocolate heart from Chalice!

It was also Lammas that week – the time that is equidistant between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox.  This is a mixed time of things coming to harvest and those things not yet ready to harvest.  We start to notice the light change moving away from summer toward autumn.  It can be a time of uncertainty and edginess as well as celebration of abundance and fullness.

Lammas allows us to speak of the cycles of change in our lives –

  • Harvest and fallow
  • High energy and low energy
  • Something completing and something just the shadow of an idea

What I love about the dance is the opportunity to dance my way through these cycles of change.  As the evening danced on we moved through harvest and fallow, high energy and low. For me personally I was able to let my ‘shadows of ideas’ flow in and out being raised and let go as I moved and danced to that place beyond thinking into being.  Such sweaty bliss these moments!

For the poetic among us you might enjoy reading – “Let time be still”, James K Baxter p.2, NZ Love Poems, ed. Lauris Edmond, publ. Oxford University Press, 2000. This poem seems to fit the time of year.

What is even lovelier is to dance to Greg Johnson’s musical version of this on the CD “Baxter”. Check it out.

Arohanui Kerry-Ann