"To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful." - Agnes De Mille

Kia ora and welcome to my work as a celebrant.

As a celebrant, I work with people to create unique and memorable ceremonial events – funerals that celebrate life, marriages and civil unions, baby naming, family celebrations, even business events.

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Inspirita Dance

Dance out West with Open Floor Dance out West*

Lead by Kerry-Ann & and Ingrid Rose Nagl, Open Floor Teachers.  Thursdays 7.15 – 9.00 pm.  More details about ‘Dance out West’ here…

Prefer a private session?  Contact me to discuss Inspirita Dance

Open Floor and Inspirita Dance can be done as one off sessions AND done regularly grow into a lifelong practice that can be danced at home as well as in a session.
Contact me to discuss Inspirita Dance

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About Kerry-Ann

Inspirita is the integration of my self as a dancer, a celebrant, and a teacher.

Inspirit means to ‘enliven or infuse with life and spirit’.

As an Inspirita, I am someone who works infused with life spirit and is considered enlivening.  I am known as a leader and as a light worker, plus I wanted to be a ‘good fairy’ when I was 7!

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