My key note for 2013 is “Gentleness” – Kerry-Ann Stanton

I got to my keynote of gentleness for 2013 in a roundabout way.  Through the tired haze that was the end of 2012 I noticed myself in upset more than seemed necessary.  This took energy and effort to manage so I could still show up as a reasonable human being.  The name I found for the upset was “offence”, in particular taking offence or umbrage, followed by feeling resentment and indignation in relation to the assumed offence!

On closer observation much of the offence existed in my thinking, not in the behaviours of the others around me, at least not intentionally.  Rather than ‘not doing offence’ I wanted to find a positive expression of how I would like to be in my living.  Antonyms for offence include; kindness, respect, love, joy and happiness.  As I reflected on these words over the Christmas and New Year period I noticed that I felt gentler, that gentleness with me was required to actively practice these qualities.  And so it came to pass that I have settled on the simplicity of gentleness for the year.

I aim to infuse each of my practices in 2013 with gentleness.  As I was dancing the other day I questioned myself – can I approach this music and movement in a more gentle way?  And yes I could and move more deeply into my dance meditation.  Can I take the gentleness practice into my relief teaching?  It appears I can, improving the quality of my day and therefore, I guess, that of the children.

Equally, I dealt clearly and well with an ‘offence’ situation recently by quietly stating that I wasn’t going to discuss the matter but state what I needed to.  In this instance, “I am not available to be spoken to in that way.”  Clear, no drama and very effective I might add.

I have had a gentle laugh at myself about my business name Inspirita.  It ‘arrived’ as the right name several years ago and is derived from Inspirit meaning to ‘enliven or infuse with life and spirit’.  It is no accident that my business name draws me to practice how I wish to live and work.

Gentle greetings to you all for 2013.