OPEN FLOOR Dance Out West

Open Floor Dance out West

Thursdays* 7 – 8.30pm Blockhouse Bay Boat Club, 91 Endeavour St, Blockhouse Bay
Contribution: $10 – $20
*Weekly classes commence 15th February 2018

Open Floor is a fun and transformative dance practice. Sessions include guided inquiry as well as time to follow your own dance.
No steps, no experience required. The invitation is to come just as you are, and be with whatever arises through the practice,
alongside others. As movement guides, we offer a range of music that inspires a whole spectrum of dances between tender and wild,
connection with self, others, and community.

“Open Floor is an exploration of free movement and of oneself through movement.
The Open Floor is a place where you can be and move exactly as you are and become more of who you truly are with each dance.”
– Lucie Nerot