The laundry shrine

I was talking with a friend the other day about cat urine and dog faeces. The cats were urinating in her house and leaving an unmistakable odour that was very hard to live with. The dog faeces smell was happening more often as she went to eat her food or when she was in different places – everything smelled like ‘shit’.

Yes, my friend has a number of very real pressures in her living and had been talking about her life ‘turning to shit’, now it was starting to smell and taste like ‘shit’ – a very high price to pay for life in the hard lane.

I phoned to say that I had a ‘thought’ I wished to share with her over a cup of tea. When we met we started to tease out how come it had to feel so hard all the time and what might just shift her thinking – not the constraint of her situation – just enough to make life a little less shitty.

To that end I had found and bought a range of symbols that might represent the introduction of some ‘sweetness’ into her living if they made sufficient sense to her. I had assembled in a bag a cake of aromatherapy soap, a glass ornamental wrapped sweet, a handful of lollipops and some candles to choose from.

Out of our conversation it transpired that she too had been asking some similar questions and was amused and delighted to play the game of choosing the right symbolic treasures for her. We did some of this with her eyes closed as the candle and soap had to smell ‘just right’.

And then the inspiration came – just the day before a brand new super huge much needed washing machine had been delivered to her household. The chosen items were to be spirited home and installed in the laundry as a personal shrine complete with a ‘sweetness’ painting. A cleansing of soul and sanity and hopefully odour and taste!

The urine – well on National Radio that weekend a solution was broadcast – white vinegar. It works like a charm apparently as long as you can survive the smell of urine AND vinegar for 3-4 days.

I offer the laundry shrine story in the knowledge and experience that in the face of seemingly insurmountable pressure the use of symbols energetically creates a different pathway for us to follow. It acts as a declaration to the universe that we are ready for help and open to some ease.