The Pace of a Good Life 26 February 2012: Kerry-Ann Stanton

I am preoccupied with the pace of life – aware of my life almost bursting at the seams!

And is this good?  Oh yes it is!  And can I do this?  Oh yes I can!

At this height of summer I am coming into a new and exciting phase of my life – one that I think and feel is a better integration of the woman I am.

I have written for a number of years of ‘being a woman in transition’.  A friend recently commented that I was ‘in transition’ last time we connected.  The implication being that this was not necessarily a good thing – when was I going to settle into something?

However another friend commented however that perhaps if one is living an examined life then one can expect to always be in transition.

Quite different takes on the same situation and what a difference it makes to my living which one I align with.  I have chosen the examined transitions perspective.  This allows me to guide my life and be guided by life.  After all don’t we all know, “and this too shall pass?”

Last year I got really clear that my ‘dream’ of becoming a registered 5 Rhythms teacher was moving more and more out of reach – the reasons don’t matter here.  So I started to ask some questions of myself – like:

“If I am only allowed one passion before I die what is it for me?”  Answer – dance.

“If it is dance, what is available to me in my own country and in my own community?”

Long story short I have been accepted at Auckland University on their Post Graduate Diploma in Dance Studies studying part time.  Do I know where this will take me?  No, not fully!  Does it feel right?  Oh yes!

This is a direction and decision that has been arriving incrementally for me.  One door closes, another opens and already I have been ‘gifted’ the opportunity to support a youth engagement project being undertaken by the newly formed New Zealand Dance Company; very powerful reinforcement of right direction.

As a true creative working in fields that generally pay less well (or at all) I will be maintaining my portfolio of work – celebrant, relieving teacher at local primary schools, coach of individual clients and guide for Inspirita_Dance.  They each have their ‘seasons’ and peak times of work – hopefully allowing me to pace myself energetically and pay my way.  AND mostly importantly they feel an integration of my being and my desire to be of service, blessed to be living a full life.

As I have quoted before Meister Eckhart said, “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was “thank you,” that would suffice.”

Thank you