Wash the dishes, dry the dishes, turn the dishes over! Kerry-Ann Stanton Summer 2014

Wash the dishes, dry the dishes, turn the dishes over! Kerry-Ann Stanton Summer 2014

(In couples facing, with hands joined)

Wash the dishes
(swing hands back and forth)
Dry the dishes
(swing hands back and forth)
Turn the dishes over
(Circle under each other’s arms.)

Well Spring sprang forth after I last wrote; and brought its regular dose of lusty wild weather, rain and temperatures all over the place amidst exquisitely calm blue sunny days and a bountiful bursting forth of beauty in nature.

I sprang forth into a new job with The New Zealand Dance Company as their community and education manager. I have sought to work immersed in dance for a number of years so this is very exciting. With it has come a lusty dose of wild transitional change: of focus, of team, of travel rhythms and scheduling and tipping in and out of delight and overwhelm!

My life’s work is now a partnership of dance and death; co-ordinating, teaching, moving, plus funeral celebrancy and Death Cafe. All of it is a dance I get to do with real people in real time. This in turn keeps me real and engaged and, dare I mention, tired (right for now anyway)!

My prayer leading into Spring was “I water my wilderness with faith and my life blossoms as a rose”. In gratitude for this blossoming in my life I keep a rose in a vase on my desk.

And the ‘wash the dishes, dry the dishes’? Well the trick appears to be to remember about the fun and fullness of the ordinary and every day, and remembering to live my life in partnership with Spirit and my earthy friends!

Arohanui Kerry-Ann

PS. I co-facilitate the Titirangi Death Café on the first Monday night of each month. This is an open group with all interested people welcome. www.deathcafe.com

Dance Mobility for Older Persons, Wednesday 1000 – 1100, Martial Arts room, West Wave, Recreation Centre, Henderson. www.dancemobility.co.nz

Inspirita_Dance – a free movement dance practice. Music provided, bring your own movement! Wednesdays: 0700 – 0800, Titirangi Community House, 500 South Titirangi Rd, Titirangi. www.inspirita.co.nz