Wedding Ceremony at a Beach – abbreviated

Entrance choreography ….


Aotearoa litany (adapted from the original by Anne Powell)

Green of fern              refresh us
Feathers of Kereru     warm us
Rocks of Waitakere      encircle us
Waters of Bethells        bathe us
Dive of gannet            focus us
Passion of sun             enrich us
Arc of rainbow             protect us
Wind of west               inspirit us
Stars of Southern Cross guide us

Welcome to you all, to this beach and to the marriage of … It is one of life’s richest surprises when the accidental meeting of two individuals leads them to proceed together along a common path. It is one of life’s finest experiences when a chance relationship grows into a permanent bond of love. This meeting and this growing are what bring us together today.

I am Kerry-Ann Stanton, marriage celebrant.

… describe themselves as not following a conventional path; they have their own way of living and connecting. Having met a few years ago they had time in different countries. Today life is to be fully lived; for them both …

ReadingLOVE ~ By Roy Croft ~

Please turn and face each other

Do you … take … to be your wife?  I do

Will you love her
Accepting her changes
Willing to grow together
Throughout a lifetime?  I will

and vice versa

Vows to be read from cue cards


Rings are exchanged as a tangible celebration of commitment. … I invite you to place …’s ring … pause … and repeat after me, … I give this ring as a symbol of my love and personal commitment to you and our family.


… and …, on this beautiful beach before your family and friends you two have been married.  By the authority vested in me I now declare you husband and wife.  Congratulations!  You may kiss.

Signing of the register – witnesses are …

In completion I offer our collective best wishes to you both and offer this final reading.


Family and friends Mr and Mrs …!

This completes the formal part of our ceremony … Bubble procession to “bubbly” …