What is saving my life right now? An Early Winter Reflection by Kerry-Ann Stanton

I tend to write these newsletter pieces based on what is currently ‘preoccupying’ me. I am reading “An Altar in the World”, by Barbara Brown Taylor and in her introduction she tells the story of being asked to “come tell us what is saving your life now”. She interpreted this as figuring out what her life depended on in that particular moment in time and space. I find this an interesting way to approach my current preoccupations. It seems to take my focus away from what is not working reliably in my life (technology, finances etc.) and instead focus me on practices that sustain me; the only variation being whether the focus is my inner life or my outer life. And as we all know the inner and the outer are inseparable anyway!
So what is saving my life right now? Not necessarily in order:
 Meditation and connection with Spirit, tenuous some days, tender others and downright direct on occasions – thank you.
 Friends who love me and stay connected even when my behaviour is ‘churlish’ (in my opinion) – thank you.
 The joy and healing of music. Each time I sit down to put a playlist together for dancing I can feel myself settle, breath and enter the dance – thank you
 Walking early in the morning toward a setting full moon, arriving at the top of the cliff in time for sunrise – thank you
 Reading others writing that inspires me, makes me laugh and cry or just restores my sense of balance – thank you
 Writing myself through and beyond weariness and despair, recording the treasured moments and how I was touched – what I heard Michael Leunig (at the recent Writers Festival) describe as ‘the mystery of capricious work’ – thank you
 And I might mention warm pyjamas, my hot water bottle and other simple pleasures!
As Barbara points out, over time we may well answer the question quite differently AND I suggest we may also find those common elements that save our lives over and over again; those practices and relationships that are ‘not-negotiable‘.
Leunig talked of writing for one’s self and hoping that it might have some value to others. What is it I wish to share or to make clear (at least to myself) in this writing? I think it is a simple declaring of who I am right now, of reaching out to others for companionship and just saying THANK YOU for it all; this life that is mine.
Arohanui Kerry-Ann www.inspirita.co.nz
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