Writing on Spring, for Spring, with spring?! Kerry-Ann Stanton 2014

Spring comes after winter – yes, I know blindingly obvious AND it does have its own difficulties for me. When I looked through my writing files back to 2005 I noticed several things.

First, spring is the time of year I am most likely not to write a piece for this newsletter; four out of the ten years I didn’t or couldn’t write. Second, my themes have all been connected to coming through the darkness (inner and outer) and grappling with being unwell!

As Spring 2104 approaches I find myself well enough and standing on the cusp of stepping into work and a lifestyle I have been seeking to create for some years. And it would be so wonderful to write about this for you, but I can’t, not yet, because it hasn’t arrived!

This is part of my winter/spring split I think – the seemingly never-ending patience that is required to work through the ‘winter’ of a dream or project. To keep sufficiently engaged with the life that is mine right now. Key, for me, is the willingness and ability to hold the seed thought, to persevere with the work required, and allow for the growing time/fallow time/inactive time of winter. Winter, in this instance, has spanned a number of years and I feel like I have ‘done my time’! Yet, as so many of you know, deeply and personally: it is only time when it is the right time; whenever that is. (Maybe I should have just abandoned writing for this Spring too!)

In short, I am close but not sure if this is the close that is ‘it’, or a close that is still gestating. What keeps some spring in my being is my dancing life and the nature around me. My dancing life includes; dancing with elders relishing the sheer joy of being able to move and having an enthusiastic ‘dance party’ once a week with adults who take pleasure in the fun of dancing and singing along together. In nature I so love the change in the light in the mornings, hearing the birds again and the flowers, especially the magnolias which have been quite magnificent this year.

Winter I thank you and Spring I welcome you with my current prayer; “I water my wilderness with faith and my life blossoms as a rose”.